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PC Specification Suggestions for BERNINA Embroidery Software V5.0


Please read first the installation and setup chapter of your Quick Start Guide

Software requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP  SP2
  • Browser Internet Explorer V 6.0
  • Pentium III, 800 MHz or higher
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Free hard disk space before install 1GB
  • Graphic card support for high color (16-bit) and high resolution at least 1024 x768
  • SVGA display monitor at 1024 x 768 resolution
  • CD-ROM drive for software installation
  • Available USB port or security device (dongle)
  • Available USB port for sewing machine connection (artista 200, 630, 640, 730; aurora)
  • Available serial port for sewing machine connection (artista 165–185)
  • Available serial port for artista Reader/Writer-Serial Box connection (optional)
  • Available USB port for artista Reader/Writer-Box connection (optional)
  • Windows® compatible scanner (optional)
  • Windows® compatible mouse
  • Windows® compatible printer (optional)

Graphik Card Properties

NOTE - It is advised to make sure you are using the most up to date drivers that are available for your video/graphics card. To check your graphics card properties:
Go to the CONTROL PANEL on your PC.
Within the Control Panel, you will click and open SYSTEM.
NOTE: Windows XP users may need to change their Control Panel view to the CLASSIC VIEW before they can see and click on SYSTEM.
In the System Properties Window, click the HARDWARE tab and then click the DEVICE MANAGER button to open the Device Manager Window.
In the Device Manager Window, scroll down and locate the listing DISPLAY ADAPTERS.
Click the [+] sign next to Display Adapters to view which adapters are used on your PC. 
Double-left click the adapter listing to access the properties window for this device.  You can click the DRIVER tab from the adapter's properties window to see what version of driver you are currently using.
Contact your PC Support Department for further assistance in checking to see if there are any newer drivers available and have them assist you with installing these newer drivers.  BERNINA Software Support is not able to provide support on 3rd party items such as the graphics/display adapter.

V5 Lettering

When trying to ungroup LETTERING that you created with v5 software, you must use the BREAK APART tool on the left hand side of the program screen. The group and ungroup is meant for non-lettering objects.

V5 cases where the design will not send to the 200/730 embroidery machine

NOTE  - When creating Monograms from v5, there have been some cases where the design will not send to the 200/730 embroidery machine. If you are encountering this problem, try the following steps:
Save the design as "xxxx_original.ART50". (to have as reference for future editing, changes, etc)
Next, break apart the monogram design using the BREAK APART tool available on the left hand side of the software window.
(This is a new v5 function for the monogram feature)
Now, save the design again, but this time rename it as "xxx_breakapart.ART50" (to have as a backup)
Finally, send the 'break apart file' to the machine.

Thread Color Isacord 40 wt

V5 Embroidery Software and EC on PC

NOTE - BERNINA Embroidery Software v5 users get the new EC on PC 2.0 software installed along with it.  EC on PC 2.0 is the new version that allows the Mega-hoop to work with the BERNINA aurora machines.  PLEASE NOTE, THERE IS NO NEED TO INSTALL ANY EC ON PC 2.0 PATCHES FOR V5.0 SOFTWARE. ONLY V4.0 SOFTWARE USERS NEED THE EC ON PC 2.0 UPDATE PATCH.

Appliquée V5

It appears that some Appliqué designs created by v5.0 may have an extra color stop added.  There is something causing a color change to be shifted from the start of the design to the jump in between the placement line and the frame out position before the cover stitch starts. This has been reported to the v5 engineers and they are working on the issue. At this time, the work around for this issue when it occurs is to break apart the Appliqué with the BREAK APART tool. This should allow the design to sew correctly.

Error Window V5

NOTE - There have been some reports of an error displaying after closing the BERNINA Embroidery Software V5.
The error is related to how quickly the dongle was removed from the PC after closing the V5 application.  You need to wait at least 15 seconds after closing the application before removing the dongle, especially when you've been working in the software for more than 1 hour.  Click OK to the error to remove the message.

Dongle will not be recognized

NOTE - If you have encountered any of the following when installing your v5 BERNINA Embroidery Software:

After the computer reboot the screen will prompt for the new dongle but will NOT  recognize it.

After the computer reboot the screen will prompt AND recognize the new dongle but never  ask for or recognize the older dongle.

The software installation seems to complete but when attempting to open the program you will get the tool tips for a period of time then get taken back to your Desktop.

After rebooting the PC, you get an "error 7" message in the black DOS screen.

You may try one of the following (NOTE: Disconnect ALL USB devices from the computer EXCEPT for the version 5 dongle.  If doing an update, attach the old dongle only when prompted):

1. If the version 5 software is installed, go to MY COMPUTER > Local Disk C: > Program  Files > BERNINA > Embroidery Software > BIN folder and in the BIN folder will be a file called 'DATAGATHER' or 'DATAGATHER.EXE'.  Locate this file and double-left click it to restart the 'verifying the security device' process and should finalize the brain transfer.

2. If step 1 was not successful, you will next need to try to run the REPAIR feature from the v5 install CD.  To do this, reinsert the version 5 installation cd, and choose the REPAIR feature when you are asked to make a choice.  Click NEXT and YES to finalize the REPAIR and restart the computer when prompted

Send embroidery designs V5 to artista 165-185

If problems occur when trying to send designs to the sewing/embroidery computer, this might be due to an older firmware version on your machine.
Try to stitch out the Embroidery design from the softwareprogram and save it afterwards on your machine.

If this is not possible please contact your BERNINA dealer. 

V5 Picture in Jpeg Format

NOTE - We have encountered a few JPEG files that open huge on screen in V5. We have confirmed that there is a problem in the way the header for the JPEG files is written by some graphical programs. The problem relates to the pixel ratio and that it is incorrectly written. V5 uses this ratio to work out how big the file should be displayed on-screen where as V4 did not. This method is more accurate than in V4 but obviously, it causes problems when the originating source software doesn't write the information correctly.

Show Artwork Files in Portfolio

NOTE 12 - In v5, the Portfolio is defaulted to view only ARTWORK FILES when it is opened for the first time.  Many users are under the impression that there is a technical issue occurring with their Portfolio, which is not the case.
To change the type of files that are shown, simply locate the Files of Type drop down menu located towards the top section of the Portfolio window.
Click the down arrow, choose the embroidery format that you wish to have shown and once selected, the chosen embroidery file types within the chosen directory will begin to show.  To show all embroidery files in a directory, choose ALL EMBROIDERY FILES.

Import embroidery design from sewing machine into PC software

The version of ADX in BERNINA Embroidery Software v5 is different than any previous versions in older BERNINA software.  Because of this, the process of reading in designs from a USB Stick or Design Card is different than with previous versions of ADX.  If you are reading in designs from a card or stick into your BERNINA software that is connected to your embroidery machine, please follow these steps to import those designs:

  1. Plug in Stick/insert Card into the embroidery machine. 
  2. From the MACHINE, access the design that you want to import into the BERNINA software.
  3. Save this design to the memory on the embroidery machine.  Name it to a filename you can remember.
  4. Open your BERNINA software and click on FILE and then CARD/MACHINE READ
  5. Choose your machine model from the DEVICE SELECTION window.
  6. Once the ADX window appears, locate the saved design that is on the machine's memory.
  7. Select the design and then import it into the software like usual.

Update from a former version (V1-V4) to V5

If you have a former version (V1-V4) of the BERNINA embroidery software, you can easily update to V5 with the update kit V5.
This update kit V5 will update the following:
BERNINA Customizer or Editor (any version) will be updated to EditorPlus V5.
BERNINA AutoDesigner, Designer, DesignerPlus (any version) will be updated to DesignerPlus V5.

Upgrade within V5:
If you want to upgrade within V5 from a lower level to a higher level, you can do this versus the "access code order form" in your software.

Import Failed Error Message

At this time, BERNINA Embroidery Software has a limitation on how deep you can save image files into a directory on your PC.  It has been confirmed that at this point and time, the software's maximum character length is 120 characters that is allowed for PATH+FILENAME+FILE EXTENSION.  Exceeding this limit will result in a "Import Failed" error message and the image will not appear within the BERNINA software window.
What this means is if the file path that you save your images to combined with the filename and it's extension cannot exceed 120 characters (this includes spaces).  Here is an example of a problem directory:  C:/Documents and Settings/Windows/User/My Documents/My Embroidery Designs/Berninalessons/QSSLesson /Three:BigGreenTree.jpg  In this example, the 'BigGreenTree.jpg' in it's current directory won't allow it to be imported into the software.

The workaround at this time would be to save your image files to a shorter file directory such as C:/Embroidery Images or something similar that you are able to easily locate. 

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